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Fishing Lines and Braids
Fishing Lines and Braids All types of line are listed here

Standard nylon lines for general use along with braided lines

Fly leader line in Nylon, Fluorocarbon or Double Strength nylon
Fishing Hooks
Fishing Hooks Hooks in all shapes and sizes for all types of angling.

Whether you need an eyed or spade end for Maggot fishing or a replacement treble for a spinner or plug you should find something in this section to suit.

If the hook has lost its previously sharp point then a hook hone or sharpener will bring it back to its former condition in a few seconds.
Fishing Floats | Swing Tips | Quiver Tips
Fishing Floats | Swing Tips | Quiver Tips Floats for all types of fishing along with Swingtips, Quivertips and Butt Indicators
Pole Fishing Tackle
Pole Fishing Tackle An expanding range of pole tackle
Fishing Weights
Fishing Weights All types of weights from split shot to heavy leger weights
Fishing Baits
Fishing Baits A range of fishing baits from boilies to preserved shrimps
Fishing Boxes
Fishing Boxes Various sizes of boxes with many uses
Coarse Fishing Tackle
Coarse Fishing Tackle Covering most coarse applications including Carp and Pike
Game Fishing Tackle
Game Fishing Tackle Almost everything for the Game Angler (see also Spinners & Plugs section)
Fly Lines | Backing line | Line Care
Fly Lines | Backing line | Line Care Large selection of lines, backing and line care items from various manufacturers
Fishing Flies
Fishing Flies Massive selection of well tied Trout, Sea Trout & Salmon flies
Fly Tying Materials
Fly Tying Materials Fly Tying Materials an extensive range of traditional and modern materials for all types of flies
Spinners | Plugs | Devon Minnows | Flying 'C'
Spinners | Plugs | Devon Minnows | Flying 'C' Large range of Spinners, Spinning tackle and Plugs from many famous names
General Fishing Tools | Accessories
General Fishing Tools | Accessories From Clothing and Polarised Sunglasses to Glues, Knives, tools and disgorgers etc.
Sea Fishing Tackle
Sea Fishing Tackle A small range of sea fishing tackle
Travel Fishing Rods
Travel Fishing Rods Travel Fishing Rods - a selection of compact 4 section rods for fly fishing and a range of telescopic Spinning rods, ideal for the holidays
Fishing Reels | Reel Spares
Fishing Reels | Reel Spares Most types and sizes of fishing reels along with spools, spare parts and Mitchell parts diagrams
Fishing Rod Repair Items
Fishing Rod Repair Items Including cork handles, reel fittings, rod rings and whipping threads
Cloth Fishing Rod Bags
Cloth Fishing Rod Bags Good quality cotton drill rod bags to fit most types of fishing rod
Fishing Gifts
Fishing Gifts Fishing Gifts - A range of gifts, including fly selections packs, spinner selection packs, fly tying kits and waterproof mobile phone bags
Fishing Books
Fishing Books A small section containing a few useful titles
Fishing Videos (Ex Hire)
Fishing Videos (Ex Hire) Fishing Videos - Bargain videos that have been out on hire
Self Seal Bags | Packing | Envelopes
Self Seal Bags | Packing | Envelopes Self Seal Bags and other packing materials and envelopes to help to keep all your bits and pieces in one place
BULK Wet Flies
BULK Wet Flies Bulk packs of 12 wet flies with @ 40% saving on the single fly price.